Collaboration & Engagement Blockchain-based Platform

Reward is a blockchain-based incentive system that enables company-wide collaboration through peer-to-peer rewards. The Reward system encourages employee cooperation, improves company morale, and increases productivity.

Reward Vision | concept
Reward Vision | demo Reward Vision | demo Reward Vision | demo
Reward Vision | demo Reward Vision | demo
Reward Vision | demo
Reward Vision | demo Reward Vision | demo
Reward Vision | demo
Reward Vision | demo

Boost your work community, improve cross-functional exchanges

Reward’s peer-to-peer platform boosts individual recognition, fosters relationships, and helps employees understand the skills they need to improve.

This creates a continuous positive feedback loop which recognizes employees for their day-to-day tasks and encourages them to improve their contributions to the company.

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How does it work ?

Reward Vision | demo

Companies get Reward tokens

First, companies buy tokens through us at market price.

Reward Vision | demo

Tokens are distributed to employees

Then, companies distribute tokens to employees according to their incentive program.

Reward Vision | demo

Employees reward each other

Employees can reward peers for their soft skills with our tools.

Reward Vision | demo

Users spend Reward tokens

Finally, employees can spend tokens with partners, a dedicated debit card or with online exchanges.

Integrating Reward into your company

An efficient tool is a seamless one.

That’s why we are creating multiple avenues for companies to integrate with our platform. Users can interact with stand-alone tools (mobile and desktop apps) and custom integrations with partners. By 2020, we plan to integrate RWD spending with a debit card.

Reward Vision | demo

With the Reward platform, work communities can visualize the invisible.

Collaboration is the key.

Reward Vision | Benefits

Analyze collaboration dynamics

See how collaboration runs in real time.

Current management practices rely on status updates and frequent check-ins, but these methods can overlook the subtle dynamics within a company. With Reward, employers can analyze a team’s effective collaboration through group metrics. Employers can pinpoint strong teams with a healthy dynamic or teams that need to work on communication.

Reward Vision | Benefits

Automated skills-based profile

Verified recruitment.

In the future, users will have the option to display a public profile generated by their exchanges and collaborations through our tools.

Reward Vision | Benefits

Company ratings for effective collaboration

How far a company is collaborative.

One of our goals is to provide a clear and visible indicator of collaboration within the company. This indicator is visible to potential partners in order to value the company.

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