Reward Vision
Reward. Empower collaboration.

Reshape the way employees define work.

Enabling Peers Encourages Engagement

Aligning employee appreciation and value-based recognition with peer-to-peer rewards eliminates the hierarchical structure to typical employee engagement programs thus aligning compensation with collaboration.

Collaboration is a Key Component in Tomorrow’s Enterprise

By analyzing individual, team, and organizational engagement and collaboration, companies can make data-driven decisions on promotions, intervene before churn occurs, and understand how teams are collaborating.

Decentralized collaboration feedback, simply through workflows.

A blockchain-based peer to peer rewards system administred by the company where effective collaboration is valued and incentivized. We imagined our system as a seamless one, where you can Reward peers through your softwares with third party integrations.

Don’t change your workplaces, improve it.

Redefine management.

William Bauer

Product Engineer

Last Rewards


William was helpful with me about our new software.


Thank you for your report, really appreciated.


Our last meeting was great, thank you for your involvement.

For employees
Skills-based Profile

Based on peer recognition

Owned by employee, not employer

Exportable for recruitment

React Native


Christophe Charles – CTO

React Native – Jira

Alexandre Szymocha – Lead Developer

React Native – Jira

Alexandre Vallin – Chief Product Officer

React Native – Jira


William Bauer – Product Engineer

From Christophe Charles – #reactivity – 17 times


William to Christophe

17times – #reactivity

For employers
Collaboration Dynamics Dashboard

Boost employee connection

How employees interact

Individual strengths and shortcomings

Beta program.

Improve recognition in your community by enabling rewards through communication channels. Thanks to our slack® bot, workplaces can boost collaboration.

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